Here's What You'll Get in the Spanish StoryLearning Pack:

Master Spanish with the StoryLearning® method. Thousands of learners have used this unique method to master Spanish fast.

A FREE short story in Spanish so you can apply my method and improve your Spanish fast with a fun, entertaining story.

A simple 6-step process you can use to learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary naturally… without memorising rules or even opening a textbook!

Don't miss out on
this unique opportunity to learn Spanish naturally through story!

It can be tortuous to speak with someone in Spanish, only to find that everything you've learned from your textbook evaporates when you need it most, leaving you feeling foolish in front of the very people you want to connect with.

But what can you do?

  • • Just keep coming back to class?
  • • Do more of those boring grammar exercises?
  • • Try to cram even more “rules” into your brain?

There is a much better alternative. That's where StoryLearning® comes into play.

StoryLearning® helps you learn Spanish naturally and in context, so you can actually use what you learn in the real world.

Download this StoryLearning Pack and you'll discover how this method works and put it in to practice yourself with a FREE story in Spanish!

By the time you've finished, you’ll be able to speak Spanish more freely and fluently, because the Spanish you need will already be exactly where you need it – on the tip of your tongue!

Here's what students say about the StoryLearning® method:

“I love the way Olly teaches languages through entertaining stories. It's helped me learn vocabulary and grammar without much effort. It is very motivating and fun!”



“Olly is a great teacher! He identifies all the pitfalls of learning a language and guides you through how to overcome the problems. He puts the enjoyment back into learning. Thank you.”

Richard Hoard


“I cannot say enough good about Olly Richards' approach to language learning. It's both fun and effective. I am finally making progress in improving my Spanish.”

Janet E Ploss

United States

“The best language learning method that I have ever encountered. I've learned more in the last 4 weeks than in the last 4 years of learning on my own.”


United States

“This is absolutely the best way that I have found to learn grammar or really anything. Every morning I am excited to see the next chapter. I am learning and retaining everything!”

Susan Bricken

United States

“After just two weeks, I have progressed more than I had in the previous four months I'd studied. The method is remarkably effective, and the rapid progress is motivating.”



About Olly Richards

My name is Olly Richards. I'm a teacher, author, speaker and language learner!

I discovered the power of learning through story after a terrifying near-death experience on top of a mountain.

Since then, I've published 30+ language books, worked with major universities, and featured in documentaries on the BBC.

On my website, you'll find language tutorials, videos of me learning languages, podcasts and my premium courses.

If you’re curious about StoryLearning® and how it can help you learn Spanish, download this StoryLearning Pack and discover my best tips for mastering Spanish quickly and naturally.